Get Digital Methamphetamine and Cocaine Addiction Treatment in Ohio on your smartphone

You can beat addiction without going to drug rehab

Affect is now licensed for digital methamphetamine and cocaine addiction treatment in Ohio and accepting new members and referrals. Check to see if you are qualified for our program and get started rebuilding your life.

Getting treatment for meth and cocaine addiction in Ohio has never been easier, and never been better. Affect’s integrated digital addiction treatment program is different from meth rehab. An app on your smartphone connects you to effective online telehealth addiction treatment for methamphetamine and cocaine.

Our treatment is always available wherever you are in Ohio and whenever you need it. Affect specializes specifically in stimulant addictions and has double the success rate of outpatient rehab programs in treating meth, coke and crack addiction.  

Can you beat drug addiction without rehab?

Our app connects you to an integrated online program of addiction treatment that is unlike any other available in Ohio. The app rewards you for completing tasks in your treatment program and provides personalized care through a team of licensed counselors, clinicians and psychiatrists. With contingency management, you get rewards and incentives for completing tasks on your recovery journey. The recovery program is personalized for you and your life. All you need is a smartphone.

Connect with stimulant addiction counselors and therapy online

People seeking treatment for methamphetamine and cocaine addiction interact with licensed and trained clinicians and attend therapy with digital telehealth from their android or iphone. It doesn’t matter if you live in Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo, Dayton, Kent, Youngstown or anywhere else in Ohio – you don’t have to go to a rehab center near you or travel to one that is far away. Or sit for hours with other patients who have other substance use disorders like alcohol or opioids that don’t relate to your issues. Our clinicians are experts in stimulants, we can show you how to quit using crystal meth, cocaine and crack.

Affect is perfect for continuing care after inpatient rehab

When people go to inpatient rehab to detox and get away from alcohol, meth and crack cocaine, they return home to their triggers and supply and quickly relapse. The relapse rate for patients returning home from inpatient rehab centers in Ohio and across the country is a staggering 85%. Many patients who go to outpatient rehab programs after inpatient detox for continuing care are kicked out when they relapse.

We stick with you if you relapse, our science-backed program works to help you reduce and stop using meth and cocaine. After doing the hard work of detox from meth and cocaine and managing withdrawal without any FDA approved medications to help, Affect keeps you on your recovery path and you gain the tools to manage triggers and rebuild your life.

A stimulant addiction recovery program that is easy to keep working

Data shows that the longer people are in addiction treatment for stimulants, the better their recovery is. The key to a successful addiction recovery journey is easy access to continuing care and a recovery program that fits your life. We make it easy to work with digital meth and cocaine treatment professionals, and also make it affordable. The cost of Affect’s care is cheaper than traditional outpatient programs and inpatient rehab centers in Kentucky.

How to help someone with a Meth or Cocaine drug addiction

Helping a friend or loved one who needs treatment for meth, crack and cocaine addiction is hard. Active addicts deny they have a problem. People who keep trying to quit but keep failing lose hope and drown. Addiction hurts everyone around the addict.

An active meth or coke addict will do anything and say anything to keep using if they’re not ready to quit. Nothing matters more than the drugs, and anyone who tries to get in between a user and their fix is walking into a battle with the odds stacked against them. Families are destroyed by addiction. A “hard bottom” is when an addict goes all the way down, loses their job, loses their family, loses their home… all that’s left is the drug. Recovery is hard – the addict has to want to stop.

Meth and cocaine are so addictive that quitting seems impossible and even when people want to stop using, they can’t. They get hopeless, but you can show them there’s hope and another way when everything else seems to fail.

You may feel angry, but anger doesn’t work – it activates the fear center of the brain. The key to kicking addiction to meth and coke is to activate the brain’s reward center. That’s what Affect’s app does – it gives rewards and incentives that encourage people to keep working the program and reduce their use of meth and cocaine. Contingency Management is the scientific term for it.

Tell your loved one you love them and want to be with them. You don’t want them to die. You don’t want to have to save yourself from them. You want to help. Tell them there’s hope, and a different way to kick meth and coke addiction.

We work with our partners to end the meth crisis in Ohio

We are working to end the meth crisis by helping addicts stop using meth and recover successfully. Methamphetamine is the most abused drug in Ohio. Known as crystal meth, Ice, Tina, crank, and other names, methamphetamine is a leading cause of fatal drug overdoses in the state.

What is the scope of the meth crisis in Ohio?

While the police and DEA and criminal justice system work to get meth and cocaine off the streets and put dealers and drug traffickers in jail, Affect works to get people off meth and keep them off it.

We partner with behavioral health providers, addiction treatment clinics and rehab centers, medical systems and the criminal justice system to reduce the harms and costs caused by the meth crisis.

To learn more about how to work with us and use Affect to help people get off meth and cocaine, contact us via email at