Next Steps to Starting the Affect Program

Before your program start date, be sure to complete these 6 quick setup steps. Completing these steps will allow you to attend your virtual meetings and get paid!  

Step 1

Sign the Informed Consent

Watch a short video that explains our Informed Consent Agreement. After you’ve watched the video, you will receive the Informed Consent Agreement in your email from Docusign. Please check your email, read, and electronically sign the agreement.

Step 2

Download and login to Healthie

Navigate to your phone’s app store and search for Healthie. The Healthie app is your central guide to the program. You will do all your goals and attend all of your meetings through Healthie. Login once you have downloaded it using the email you provided and your temporary password provided in your Handout PDF.

Step 3

Download Zoom

You will attend your group therapy and community meetings (e.g. AA)  using zoom. Navigate to your phone’s app store and search for Zoom to download it.

Step 4

Download CashApp and order your debit card

Affect uses CashApp to pay out your incentives. If you don’t have the app already, navigate to your phone’s app store and search for Cash App. Go through the sign up flow and request the debit card.

Step 5

Complete your first goal in Healthie

Go to the Healthie app and complete your first goal: “Download Cash App and submit proof.” Completing this goal lets us know your Cash Tag so that you can get paid for your progress.

Step 6

Attend your Group Therapy Program Start Meeting - $10

Show up to your Group Therapy Program Start Meeting to begin the program! To attend the program kickoff, navigate to the Healthie App and click on the event that is labeled “Weekly Group Therapy - $10”. Be sure to find a quiet and private place for this meeting so that you’re free from distractions.