Do you want to stop using methamphetamine?

Affect Therapeutics is recruiting participants for a FREE online study of a new treatment and recovery program.

About the Study

People who use methamphetamine (meth) and want to stop using meth need treatment to help them get off meth and stay off while they recover. Affect Therapeutics, Inc., has developed a ‘virtual’ all-digital program delivering treatment and recovery services to help people stop using meth and recover.

Affect Therapeutics and academic researchers are conducting a study to examine the Affect program to see how well it helps participants reduce or stop using meth and recover from use of meth and other stimulants. The program combines behavioral therapy and incentives for staying off meth.

Participation in this 8-week study will be all “virtual” and done remotely through the use of your smartphone and the Affect App.

The Program Includes:

Periodic sessions with a counselor

Recovery Coach Group sessions with others recovering from meth

Short tasks done over the phone (3-5 minutes, several times per day)

Saliva drug tests you do yourself and submit results using your phone

Use of the Affect app regarding scheduling and messages from Affect.

You earn cash rewards for ‘attending’ therapeutic sessions, for completing therapeutic tasks, and for saliva tests negative for meth (all done via phone).

You can earn up to $688 over the 8-week period and three follow-up interviews.

A Virtual Program with No Fees

There is no cost to study participants for Affect program services. All interactions will be conducted over video call, voice call, text, or by the app.

Affect Therapeutics was founded by Jeff De Flavio, Ph.D., a specialist in addiction recovery who also founded Groups Recover Together for opioid use disorder.

To apply, please complete the survey.

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Complete the Survey

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