Join us in fighting stimulant addiction

We are looking for phenomenal people with passion, authenticity, and neurons in excess who want to change the way the world treats stimulant addiction and who share our values.

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Our Values

These are the values we hold most dear


We recognize that we are all constantly on a path of growth. We treat others the way we would want to be treated, always.


We fight fearlessly for our members. We are intensely curious about others and approach interactions with levity and fun.


We are real and honest with ourselves and others. We seek to create an open, safe, and trusting environment. We are dedicated to understanding the ground truth of what drives outcomes and to constantly measuring our performance against them.

The Benefits of Working for Affect Therapeutics

Regular company-wide cross functional knowledge sharing sessions.

Career coaching opportunities

Focused and devoted time for learning and development

Flexible Vacation Time

Generous Parental leave

Emotional Check-ins

Join us in fighting stimulant addiction!

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