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Affect is helping people suffering from stimulant use disorder find their better future

Proven Behavioral Incentives

Our evidence-based program is personalized, giving members the tools and incentives they need, exactly when and where they need them.

Real-Time Treatment Improvements

Our innovative, data-driven approach to care allows us to make continuous, real-time improvements in treatment, driving outcomes and lowering healthcare costs.

Personalized Coaching and Counseling

Our members love us for our empathetic, engaged coaching and counseling and for finally giving them the incentives necessary to affect change.


Raising Public Awareness

Stimulants are the second most widely used illegal substances in the US, and yet, little public awareness exists about the extent and societal cost of this epidemic.

The True Extent of This Epidemic

  • Stimulants, and specifically methamphetamines, are the leading drug-related death west of the Mississippi [1].
  • Deaths over the past 10 years have increased dramatically [2].

[1] Center for Behavioral Health Statistics Quality. 2015 National survey on drug use and health: Detailed tables In:2016.

[2] WSJ Meth is the top Drug overdose in the West

America has two drug epidemics, but focuses on one.

khn.org, 2019

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Our Team

Chairman and Interim Head of Business Development

Jeff DeFlavio

  • MD / MBA, Dartmouth College
  • Founder & CEO, Groups Recover Together
  • Co-Founder + Board Member, Tempest, Inc
  • Expertise: scaling and leading healthcare teams 


Kristin Muhlner

  • President, Framebridge
  • CEO of newBrandAnalytics (acquired by Sprinklr) and of RollStream (acquired by OpenText)
  • Head of Engineering for webMethods (acquired by Software AG)
  • Extensive experience in building and scaling digital solutions


Russell Osborne

  • Director of Engineering, Framebridge
  • CEO / Software Architect Burningpony Corp
  • Backend Engineering Instructor, The Iron Yard

Head of Product 

Rachel Lin

  • Product Manager, Cityblocks
  • Product Manager, Uber

Head of Data and Insights 

Bayla Weick

  • Product Manager, Cedar Health
  • Engineer, Palantir

Head of Member Services

Bryan Prout

  • VP Customer Success, Stardog
  • Director Research and Analytics, Sprinklr
  • Consultant, Booz Allen Hamilton

Our Advisors

Tom McLellan

  • PhD in Psychology, Bryn Mawr / UPenn
  • Deputy Director of National Drug Control Policy under Obama

Larissa Mooney

  • Assistant Professor, UCLA
  • President of the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry (AAAP)
  • Director of the UCLA Addiction Psychiatry Clinic

Haden Blackman

  • President & CCO at Hangar 13 (2K) -- Responsible for MAFIA III
  • Award winning comic book author of Batwoman, Elektra, and The Master of Kung Fu
  • Studio Head, LucasArts -- Head of the Star Wars video game franchises

Kevin Ryan

  • Founder and CEO, AlleyCorp
  • Founder and Chairman, Zola.com
  • Founder and Chairman, MongoDB 
  • Founder and Chairman, Gilt Groupe 
  • Founder and Chairman, Business Insider

I can’t wait to give my kids a sober dad for Christmas.

-Affect Therapeutics Member

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