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Stop drinking and using drugs without going to rehab

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Get a full outpatient treatment program through an app that rewards your recovery progress

Affect’s revolutionary app provides highly effective alcohol and drug addiction treatment through an app that motivates you through science and technology. Wherever there’s cell phone coverage, you have access to all the support a rehab clinic provides – and much more.

Affect’s program is available to members of select Aetna behavioral health plans. Like all healthcare, your privacy is completely protected. Affect’s discreet and convenient program makes it possible to achieve lasting recovery while staying with your job and loved ones.

There’s help that works for people struggling with addiction. If you’re concerned about your drinking and drug use, Affect can help you find your power to change.

Affect’s digital addiction treatment program is a better way to change your relationship to drugs and alcohol

Our integrated recovery program for alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, meth, and stimulants works from a gamified app on your smartphone that engages and keeps you going.

Counseling and doctor appointments are conducted over secure video conference via the app, so you can attend them anywhere.

Real financial rewards help keep you motivated. Scientific research proves they are more effective in achieving sustained recovery.

Our medical providers can prescribe medications to help manage your cravings and ease the discomfort from quitting drugs and alcohol.

Your support team helps you rebuild your life with assistance for employment, housing, medical help, financial management, and more.

Care that comes to you

Your recovery is supported by licensed addiction counselors, behavioral health therapists, doctors and nurses. All appointments are conducted via secure telehealth video meetings within the app. And you receive rewards for every meeting you attend.

Mission accepted

Your personalized recovery journey is guided by engaging missions and challenges that help you form healthy habits. As you explore your relationship to drugs and alcohol, you rediscover yourself and find your power to change.

We meet you where you are

Every recovery journey is different, and we help you reach your personal goals whether you’re seeking to get completely sober or reduce and manage your use. Unlike many rehab programs, abstinence is not a requirement. We do not discharge our members for relapses. Once you’re with us, we’re always with you.

Without the support your team offers, I would not have gotten clean. I’ve been to a lot of different facilities but you guys have showed me how to want it– I have a busy life. I can’t take 30 days off to get help. The flexibility, the rewards and how it influences the brain to keep doing healthy behaviors, and the support of the advocate team is nothing like any other facility has offered. You stand by us when we can’t stand ourselves and for that I am grateful.

Affect’s program for alcohol, marijuana, meth, cocaine, and stimulant addiction treatment was designed with the most current research in addiction medicine and behavioral science and leverages technology to provide unparalleled results. Thousands of people have found their power to change and reached their recovery goals with us, even after multiple unsuccessful attempts on their own or in rehab.

Telehealth and online addiction treatment works much better for many people and Affect’s app takes telemedicine to a higher level. More than 60% of people relapse within one month of leaving residential inpatient rehab clinics and drug addiction treatment centers. Affect’s program is proven to be twice as effective as traditional outpatient treatment programs.

Not only does the app make getting help more convenient and confidential, our gamified system of rewards motivates your recovery and keeps you going as you reduce your use. We beat addiction by changing the rules. Come win your life back with us.

You can stop drinking and quit using drugs without going to rehab. Affect is more than a sober app or sober tracker. It delivers a full outpatient addiction treatment program with telehealth counseling and a system of rewards that gamifies recovery.

Get a full recovery program in your pocket. Get Affect.

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