A digital addiction treatment program that is always with you

  • Our integrated recovery program for methamphetamine and cocaine works from an app on your smartphone.
  • Counseling and doctor appointments are conducted over secure video conference via the app, so you can attend them anywhere.
  • Daily challenges and appointment management help keep you on track.
  • Real cash incentives help keep you motivated.

What your care program looks like:

This Week:

Getting Started

  • Meet with a care advocate to download the app and make your first appointments.
  • Meet with your counselor for an intake. session.
  • Meet with your therapy group.
  • Meet with a doctor for help with any other medical or psychiatric needs you may have.
  • Begin doing daily challenges and tracking your progress in the app.

This Month:

Getting Support

  • Continue meeting with your therapy group twice a week.
  • Meet with your counselor one-on-one once a week. Set your health and life goals and work to meet them.
  • Complete a drug screen once a week.
  • Keep tracking your progress and earning your rewards daily.

Months 2 – 6:

Getting Healthy

  • Continue with daily app work, weekly group and counseling work.
  • Continue with weekly drug screens to help keep you accountable and chart your progress.
  • See your doctor monthly to monitor your health and any prescribed medications.
  • Keep working your goals and share your progress with others.

Rewards and incentives keep you coming back to treatment, even when motivation is low. And as you get healthier, you can earn rewards of up to $599.

incentives keep you motivated and working your recovery program from meth and cocaine addiction

As you successfully complete challenges in the program, you’ll be rewarded with cash incentives, immediately redeemable from your smartphone.

earn cash rewards for success in your recovery program and beat meth and cocaine addiction

Rewards range from $0.50 for small challenges to more than $30 for streaks of stimulant-free tests.

Are you ready to get started? We can’t wait to meet you!

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