Get clinical addiction treatment without paying for a rehab clinic

A digital recovery program makes access to care affordable and easy

Many people fear the cost of rehab clinics and don’t seek the help they need. Can you rehab at home from alcohol and drug addiction without going to a clinic? Absolutely!

Treatment at a residential impatient facility can be too expensive for many people and taking time away from work and family may not be an option. Finding an outpatient rehab clinic near you may not be possible. It can also be difficult to make time for long meetings.

Research shows that being able to access treatment and having a recovery program that fits into someone’s life is the key to staying with recovery and achieving lifetime sobriety.

We know this is one of the major reasons why only 1 in 13 people who need treatment for alcohol and substance use disorders get the help they need. That’s why we developed a robust program that resolves those challenges.

Affect is more affordable than inpatient or outpatient clinics, and many members pay no out of pocket costs through insurance or Medicaid. We accept many insurance plans and are always adding more.

Even if you don’t have insurance, our care coordinators work with you to find coverage and get you enrolled so you can started rebuilding your life as soon as possible.

How much does drug and alcohol rehab cost?

Residential or inpatient rehab clinics can cost tens of thousands of dollars for a period of one month or more. Outpatient clinic programs cost thousands of dollars. Affect’s all-digital program is among the most affordable treatment options available, providing all the treatment services of a clinic and higher levels of support in rebuilding lives.

In-person clinic or office Inpatient Rehab Center Outpatient Rehab CenterAffect Therapeutics
Psychiatrist/Doctor Visit$250/visitOptional
Counselor Visit — Individual$175/visit
Counselor Visit — Group$100/visit
Biologic Screens$75/test
Therapeutic App
Rewards and Incentives
Price Per Month ($USD)N/A$15000 – 25000$3000 – 5000$399 – $600

Rewards for Recovery Progress

Affect’s program uses scientifically-proven methods where our members earn financial rewards as they make progress on their recovery program. Affect’s app is a gateway to an entire digital treatment program, using game design that motivates our members to keep working and winning.

Rewards and incentives keep you coming back to treatment, even when motivation is low. And as you get healthier, you can earn rewards of up to $599.

incentives keep you motivated and working your recovery program from meth and cocaine addiction

As you successfully complete challenges in the program, you’ll be rewarded with cash incentives, immediately redeemable from your smartphone.

earn cash rewards for success in your recovery program and beat meth and cocaine addiction

Rewards range from $0.50 for small challenges to more than $30 for streaks of drug or alcohol-free tests.

Support for improving your life

Affect’s treatment program is unique in providing our members support in getting health insurance and healthcare, finding employment opportunities, getting housing, and more. We know that successful recovery from drug and alcohol addiction requires stabilizing the pressures from life. Many of our members come to us overwhelmed and hopeless, we help them get back on their feet so they can keep taking the steps to a life free from addiction.

As a member advocate, I am here to help you focus on your recovery. Being in recovery myself I know that the goal isn’t just sobriety, but it’s having stability and a life you can be proud of. I want that for you. I have helped members find work and housing, get the right medical help, or lower the cost of their phone bill. If you have something that is preventing you from making it to a meeting, I want to know about it. If you are just having a bad day, I want to know about that too.

Bobby Kreiss

A private program in your pocket

Affect offers everything a rehab clinic does, but puts it all in your pocket and goes wherever you do. It’s discreet so you keep your recovery private while still having a compassionate community to support you. You don’t have to leave your life to start creating a new one free of alcohol.

You have access to individual and group therapy, medical assistance, and a full program that helps you learn to manage your triggers and rebuild a life while you recover. With rewards and incentives, you are continually motivated to keep working your recovery journey.

We stay with you as you learn new healthy habits to replace your drinking habit. Many traditional programs discharge people for relapses. We’re different. Once you’re with us, we’re always with you.

“Affect has shown me a caring side that I never had for myself. It has made me rise as an individual and I have uplifted my courage, bravery, and willpower to obtain my sobriety. Not only did I find myself, but I also found friends in counseling. By friends, I mean someone who really believes in you when others won’t. This program is amazing and works.”

Hooked on Healthy Habits

Phones, apps, and games are considered “addictive” by some because they trigger the part of our brains neuroscientists call “the rewards center.” These experiences engage us and we keep coming back to them.

Research has shown that a form of treatment called Contingency Management that uses incentives and cash rewards to make positive changes works best, by creating those same engaging experiences. We beat addiction because we changed the rules.

Affect's digital addiction treatment app uses science and data to treat meth and cocaine addictions more successfully than traditional drug rehab programs

Based on science that rewards healthy choices

Our program offers almost $600 in incentives as you succeed in treatment (known as “contingency management”) to help reward healthy activities and encourage new habits.

We also deliver group and individual therapy and medications to help manage your cravings. Together, these treatments have consistently shown better recovery outcomes than any other.

Learn more about contingency management »

Affect's smartphone app for meth and cocaine and crack addiction treatment is fully digital and goes everywhere.

Entirely private, fully digital, and always available

All of your appointments are conducted over secure video conference, so you can choose where you’d like to be. No traveling to a rehab clinic or sitting on a folding chair in a basketball gym.

Our smartphone app provides direct access to your calendar, daily tasks, progress tracking, and care team. Whenever you need us, we’re with you.

Learn more about technology requirements »

Affect's program is personalized to meet the unique problems that make beating meth and cocaine addiction so hard

Support both inside and outside of treatment

Need help finding a new job, a better place to live, a doctor, a way to lower your bills? We’ve got you.

Getting sober isn’t just about quitting. It’s also about changing your life for the better, forever. Your care team will work with you to make improvements that can sustain your recovery and give you a life you’re proud of.

Affect Member Reviews

You understood me and made sure I was safe in the midst of all my experiences.

I love my coach. He’s a licensed professional, not just another former addict.

This program is actually useful. My DUI program takes an hour just to do roll call.

This program changed my life. I now have goals. Before I had nothing.

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