Stop drinking and quit drugs without rehab. Telehealth addiction treatment works.

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Download the Affect app to begin exploring and doing the daily challenges to support your recovery. Just use the same email and phone number as you go through the account set up and you’ll be on your way.

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About Affect’s unique recovery program:

  • Affect’s digital addiction treatment program is discreet, effective, and safe and works from an app on your smartphone.
  • Counseling and doctor appointments are conducted over secure video conference via the app, so you can attend them anywhere.
  • Our team will help you with housing, employment, medical care and other support services you may need to rebuild your life.
  • You’ll receive rewards of up to $599 for completing steps in your recovery journey.

Have a question? Call or text us at 323-522-2218 — we’re here for you.

Affect's program and app get great reviews from our members

“Love is not a strong enough word when I say I love you guys. You guys are more supportive then anybody I know in person. Thanks for all the huge amounts of love!”

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