Fear and Drinking

What is the discomfort around drinking when it comes to socializing? Are people uncomfortable around you when you don’t drink, or do you feel awkward?

It’s correctly said that alcohol is the one drug you have to justify not using to others. People will never ask, “can’t you do just one gram of meth” the way they’ll ask “you can’t just have one drink, not even a glass of champagne at a wedding?”

People will quote stories from the media about those studies that say things like a glass of wine is good for your health.

However, a study of all those studies conclusively has proven that no amount of alcohol is good for your health.

Alcohol is ethanol – it’s a toxin that goes to work on your body right away and your body works hard to get rid of it. It affects every system in your body and changes the way your brain works.

When someone drinks so much they can’t remember, the part of their brain that makes memories has actually shut down because alcohol has overwhelmed it.

It’s fear that keeps people from getting the help they need. When you’re present in your life, you make memories you cherish. When you drink to forget, what kind of life are you leading?

What are you afraid of?