Real Recovery with Proven Results

Affect’s digital program is in the top 1% of treatment providers

Affect is one of the best addiction treatment providers in the nation in comparison to other providers by measured standards. We achieve outcomes that are more than double in every category, and our members engage with our program at 4 times the level of any other kind of treatment.

What is the best addiction treatment program? The answer to that question is personal – the best recovery program is the one that works for you. There are several options and different levels of care available so each person can get the help they need. Talking with a nonjudgmental counselor can help you determine what you need.

If you are wondering how to stop drinking or how to quit drugs, Affect may be the best recovery program for you. We offer the only app-based program that is fully certified at the highest level by CARF International, an independent body that assesses quality in health care. Our results are measured by state authorities and insurance partners. They speak for themselves.

Our results are better than the best

Drink less with a recovery program that works for you

You don’t have to be sober to start with us, and we stay with you through relapses as you get better. You grow into your recovery at your pace without pressure. Because of this, members double their days sober within the first month.

Telehealth addiction treatment through your phone helps you get better faster

With our system of rewards and easy access through our app, our members engage with treatment at four times above the national average. You get motivated to keep going and get better. 

Your health improves when you drink less and quit drugs

As members regain control of their lives and health, they are almost 90% less likely to be hospitalized. You get healthier and happier quickly with full support of a care team that helps you rebuild your life.

Many people wonder if it is possible to rehab at home instead of going to treatment programs like outpatient clinics or residential treatment facilities. In-person treatment is often not an option for many peoples’ lives, and it prevents them from getting the help they need for a successful recovery journey. Without a program they can keep working, over 60% of people who go to rehab clinics relapse within a month of returning to their lives. All the hard work is lost.

There’s another, and better option through telehealth treatment for drugs or alcohol. Affect’s app brings everything to you. Your personalized treatment plan includes peer support groups, help with your withdrawal symptoms, therapy sessions, and all the other recovery support an outpatient substance abuse treatment program provides. You recover while staying in your life, at work and with your loved ones, learning how to manage your triggers and cope with the stresses of life without using drugs or drinking.

People who have struggled in other rehab programs that haven’t worked for them have found that Affect’s telehealth treatment does.

Our members win their lives back with us

Affect's treatment program gets great reviews from members

“I have been to numerous fancy treatment programs, some even out of state. Affect is different. It is such a good fit and kept me honest and accountable. The breathalyzer saved my life and my marriage.”

When other treatment programs don't work for you, Affect's recovery program does

“I’ve been to a lot of different facilities but you guys have showed me how to want it– I have a busy life. I can’t take 30 days off to get help. The flexibility, the rewards and how it influences the brain to keep doing healthy behaviors, and the support of the advocate team is nothing like any other facility has offered.”

“Love is not a strong enough word when I say I love you guys. You guys are more supportive than anybody I know in person. Thanks for all the huge amounts of love!”

A rehab program that fits your life is the foundation of a successful recovery process. Nothing fits better than care that comes to you right over your phone, so you get the help you need wherever you are.

With an app that rewards your wins and motivates you to keep going, text messages from your licesned care team, and a supportive community always at your finger tips, Affect is the best sober app there is. It’s real treatment and a support system unlike anything else available.

Care that comes to you

Your recovery is supported by licensed addiction counselors, behavioral health therapists, doctors and nurses. All appointments are conducted via secure telehealth video meetings within the app. And you receive rewards for every meeting you attend.

Mission accepted

Your personalized recovery journey is guided by engaging missions and challenges that help you form healthy habits. As you explore your relationship to drugs and alcohol, you rediscover yourself and find your power to change.

We meet you where you are

Every recovery journey is different, and we help you reach your personal goals whether you’re seeking to get completely sober or reduce and manage your use. Unlike many rehab programs, abstinence is not a requirement. We do not discharge our members for relapses. Once you’re with us, we’re always with you.

Making the decision to get help for a substance use disorder is brave and difficult. Making the choice for the type of recovery program can also be difficult. People are not in their best frame of mind to make big decisions. The many options are confusing. It’s hard to know who can be trusted. It’s important to feel safe and talk to an experienced treatment professional to get good guidance.

Ethical treatment providers will listen to your story and your situation to determine the right level of care for you and make recommendations for the best course. You may need to spend some time in a supervised inpatient facility to manage withdrawal before you’re ready for telehealth treatment. When we talk with someone looking to make a change in their relationship to drugs and alcohol, we make sure they’re going to get the help they need, whether it’s with us or another provider.

When you are ready to change your drinking habits or need help staying sober, we’re ready to help you reach your goals. Reach out to us and let’s get started.

Let’s get started getting better. We’re here for you.