Can you get fired for getting drug and alcohol treatment?

The truth is, you’re risking your job if you don’t get help

Did you know that people in recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol who are not actively using are protected under the Americans with Disability Act in terms of employment and discrimination?

Many people mistakenly fear losing their jobs if they get into treatment programs. But, seeking treatment is the best thing to do to prevent being fired for drug and alcohol use.

The truth – and the law – is, you’re protecting your job when you get substance abuse treatment. You can get fired if you keep drinking and using. A company drug policy may include random drug screening like a urine test for illegal drugs. Supervisors may notice your behavior or decline in your work. Drug test results can be grounds for termination.

But people in active recovery or working a recovery program with documented treatment have certain protections under federal law.

Addiction is not a weakness, it is a chronic medical condition that requires management. Just like other chronic medical conditions or recognized disabilities, employers cannot discriminate against people in recovery.

Does insurance cover addiction treatment?

Your employer-provided insurance coverage will apply to the cost of treatment so you can stop drinking and using illicit drugs.

HIPAA protects your privacy and your insurance company or treatment provider can not inform your employer by law. We accept many employer and marketplace insurance plans and are adding more all the time.

If you were to take medical leave to go to a residential treatment center, or even take hours out of your day to go to an outpatient clinic over a long period of time, you may need to inform your employer to get the time off in some cases to use family and medical leave.

A telehealth outpatient rehab program can be the way to save your job, and your life.

Telehealth addiction treatment works better for people who work

Telehealth is one of the best treatment options available for substance use disorders. A treatment program that fits your life is a key to successful long term recovery from drugs and alcohol. Many can’t get the help they need because they can’t go to a treatment facility.

Our discreet and convenient app-based program provides outpatient level treatment wherever you are. You’ll get a personalized treatment plan that will work for you. You can stay on the job and with your family while getting the help you need with everything from support groups to help with withdrawal symptoms.

Just close the door and say you’re “taking a meeting.” When you stop using alcohol and drugs, manage your substance abuse and mental health, you’re taking care of yourself so you can take care of business and your family members.