Affect delivers intensive outpatient treatment through our app

Get more help without going to a rehab clinic

Affect’s telehealth treatment program for alcohol and drug addiction has helped thousands of people gain control over their lives and manage substance use disorders through our smartphone app. Now the program has expanded to provide intensive outpatient (IOP) rehab services in Ohio and Kentucky, with Florida and other states coming soon.

This higher level of care supports people who need more intensive counseling and services, but don’t actually need to go to a hospital or inpatient rehab facility.

What is Intensive Outpatient Treatment?

Intensive outpatient (IOP) treatment programs were developed decades ago because the relapse rate among people leaving inpatient programs and residential rehab facilities was extremely high. When people returned to their lives where they had access to drugs and alcohol — as well as the triggers that caused them to want to use — they would return to use and all the hard work would be lost. Today, more than 60% of people relapse within the first 30 days of leaving inpatient, and 85% do so within a year.

IOP programs offer many benefits, and they have shown higher rates of success in achieving sustained sobriety than inpatient programs alone. People learn to manage their substance use disorders as they continue their lives, and they develop tools to manage their triggers and handle access to supply.

IOP lets people stay in their jobs and remain with their loved ones. Importantly, people access treatment more conveniently, so they keep working their recovery journeys with the professional support they need to succeed. After finishing IOP, people will transition into continuing care to keep working on their recovery. Data shows that people who actively work a recovery program for 3 years have a 95% rate of sustained lifetime sobriety.

The key to quitting drugs and alcohol is having a program that works with the realities of your life, your resources, and your responsibilities.

Telehealth Outpatient Treatment is More Convenient and Confidential than Clinics

Most traditional intensive outpatient programs are conducted in clinics, requiring participants to find transportation to the facility, take additional time off of work, and navigate child care needs. Some also have strict abstinence requirements and will discharge people for relapses. The time, distance, and experience in many clinics can make people stop going to treatment.

This is why Affect created its all-digital program and designed it into a smartphone app. People can get treatment wherever they are. It’s the most convenient, confidential, and compassionate recovery program there is. With Affect, care comes to you.

Affect’s Treatment Program is Twice as Effective as Traditional IOP

A big reason why Affect works better than IOP is the same reason IOP often works better than inpatient: it’s even more convenient and confidential. But Affect goes farther to meet you where you are and guide you to sustained recovery.

The IOP model was developed in the 1970s. Affect’s app is built for today’s digital world with cutting edge technology, behavioral science, and the most current addiction medicine research.

Affect’s revolutionary program motivates you in your recovery journey with rewards as you reduce your use. You’ll have access to a full intensive outpatient program, including medical support, group and individual therapy with licensed and experienced counselors, and peer support. Even more, our care advocates provide whole life recovery support by assisting you with healthcare, housing, and employment resources. The typical time commitment is nine to ten hours per week.

There are countless sober apps where you go it alone. There are residential clinics where you have to go away. There are outpatient clinics where you have to travel many times a week.

But, there’s nothing like Affect.

Reach out to us to find out if our program is a fit for you, or download our app to try it for yourself. When you enroll, you’ll start to realize the rewards of recovery immediately. Our members reduce their use by more than half in the first month, and with insurance coverage, it is one of the most affordable treatment options available.