Meth and cocaine and opioids are behind the ever increasing numbers of overdoses

The Killer Combination: Meth, Cocaine and Fentanyl

Overdoses are skyrocketing from fentanyl-laced meth and cocaine and “goofballs”

The Center for Disease Controls recently shared data and findings around increasing use of stimulants like meth and cocaine with the synthetic opioid Fentanyl. The overdose trend is not getting better. 110,000 million people died from overdoses in 2022.

Stimulants are widely and easily available. Incredibly potent and cheap meth is flowing across the US border. Global cocaine trafficking is fueled by record production in Latin America.

Meth and cocaine are often laced with fentanyl. The headlines about people unwittingly getting stimulants contaminated with the powerful synthetic opioid and dying are common.

The Washington Post quotes expert researchers that there is another alarming trend: People using stimulants are intentionally using Fentanyl.

And in a recent survey of more than 500 drug users in North Carolina and West Virginia, the overwhelming number reported intentionally using fentanyl with meth, said Jon E. Zibbell, a senior scientist at the nonprofit research institute RTI International. They reported using the drug to counteract the powerful sedation of fentanyl, he said.

“Fentanyl is so sedative that people are having a hard time staying awake,” Zibbell said. “So people are using stimulants alongside fentanyl just to be able to do life.”

“Fentanyl and meth are the dominant illicit drugs now,” said Caleb Banta-Green, a University of Washington epidemiologist who studies drug trends. “That’s what users are dying from.”

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