A Better Solution for The Criminal Justice System

Working Together to Solve Addiction Treatment Challenges

Affect Therapeutics works with partners across the criminal justice system to provide a solution that works better. We work with courts and lawyers, case managers, parole and probation officers and more to address their challenges and lighten load that drug and alcohol-related arrests create.

What is the scope of the drug and alcohol problem in criminal justice?

Cecilia Mills and Joseph Soprano at the DSD C.A.R.E.S. event in Las Vegas. 
Affect’s integrated digital program works better for the Criminal Justice system to help prevent recidivism and get people back on track

Affect’s all-digital licensed treatment program solves problems around access to recovery and lowers treatment costs.

Our care coordinators provide members support with health care, medications, jobs, and other life issues to ease the burden on case managers, courts, and parole officers. Robust reporting and monitoring, fast admissions, and quick medical support make getting real help easier for everyone.

With access from anywhere via our app and evidence-based contingency management rewards system, Affect’s program has higher levels of engagement and adherence.

  • Financial rewards for recovery progress
  • Reduced wait times and fast track admissions
  • Robust reporting and monitoring for better supervision
  • Integrated  case management to help members with  healthcare, employment, and housing
  • Fast support for Medication Assisted Treatment
  • Easy access to treatment from a smartphone app

Providing effective treatment has never been easier to help our criminal justice system at all levels.

How can you help someone with an alcohol or drug-related crime?

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