The drinking gap between women and men is now equal, but women don’t get the treatment they need

Research indicates that people who drink to cope have a higher risk of developing alcohol use disorder. And studies have found that women are more likely to drink to cope than men.

While men once outdrank women, the gender gap in alcohol consumption has narrowed. For the first time since researchers began measuring consumption, women over age 26 are now outdrinking their male peers.

Drinking among women with children skyrocketed during the pandemic. Rates increased an alarming 323% among mothers of children under 5.

Where the gender gap in alcohol persists is in treatment. A 2019 study showed that women were half as likely as men to get any form or assistance with alcohol use disorder. And were twice as likely to think that the problem would get better by itself.

Research also shows women suffer health consequences of alcohol – including liver disease, heart disease and cancer — more quickly than men and even with lower levels of consumption.

Red flags to consider when alcohol consumption is escalating include drinking alone, concealing drinking, and using alcohol as a coping mechanism.

We’re here to talk to you about drinking safely and discreetly. If you’re noticing your drinking is escalating and problems are developing, we can help. Women who are uncomfortable with rehab clinics and recovery rooms have an option that works.

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