Technology and Rewards Make Recovery Better

What is contingency management and why does it work?

If you’re interested in decreasing your substance use and living a healthier life, Contingency Management (CM) is a novel, evidence-based approach that you should know about.

CM has been shown to be highly effective in helping individuals reduce substance use, make positive lifestyle changes, and maintain abstinence. Until recently, CM has largely been limited to research studies, grant-funded programs, and the Department of Veterans Affairs, but Affect Therapeutics is using innovative technology to expand delivery of this form of treatment nationwide. 

Contingency Management is grounded in behavioral psychology. It works on a principle that we can all relate to: reward for positive actions. CM provides tangible rewards, such as financial incentives, to individuals who demonstrate healthy behaviors, like blowing 0.00 on a breathalyzer or testing negative for drugs. Studies have repeatedly shown that this positive reinforcement can significantly enhance treatment outcomes and help people decrease drug and alcohol use.

So where does technology come in? To make CM more accessible and convenient, we’ve developed a smartphone app that combines CM with expert medical care and counseling. This app isn’t just about convenience – it’s about enhancing your recovery process by bringing the best available treatments to you all in one place. Affect conducts alcohol and drug testing remotely as part of our contingency management delivery. For example, we send you a breathalyzer that bluetooth syncs with your smartphone. The app will prompt you to blow into the breathalyzer at different times, and if you don’t have alcohol in your system, you’ll be sent a reward through the app to reinforce the health behavior you demonstrated by not drinking. 

By integrating CM with cutting-edge technology, we’re bringing an effective, personalized approach to your recovery journey. Our aim is to provide the right tools and support for each individual, which is why we believe our innovative approach is second to none.

Whether you’re starting your recovery journey or seeking new strategies to maintain sobriety, consider joining Affect and incorporating Contingency Management in your process. It’s a proven method of treatment, designed to empower you and support your path to recovery.

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