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  • Affect Recovery Study Questionnaire

    Thank you for your interest in the Affect Therapeutics clinical trial. Affect delivers treatment services that are designed to help people stop using methamphetamine, cannabis, and other substances.We are looking for eligible individuals who wish to stop their use and who want to participate in a research study about the Affect treatment program. Program services are provided at no cost for research participants. Please complete this 5-minute questionnaire to determine if you're a good fit for our study.This information is used to ensure we have a diverse sample of participants. Only Affect will have access to this information. Your responses will be kept private and secure. The information will not be shared or used for any discriminatory purpose. If you are not selected for the study, all of your information will be purged from our database.
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    Affect Therapeutics is a digitally based recovery program. All of your meetings will be through a smartphone app. As a result, in order to be successful in the program our participants need to be comfortable and familiar with smartphone apps.
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  • Study Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria

    INCLUSION CRITERIA To be eligible to participate in the study, prospective participants must: 1) Be 18 years of age or older; 2) Have a substance use disorder (SUD) or documented high-risk use history for stimulants or cannabis, confirmed by DSM-5 criteria; 3) Have stated interest in reducing and/or stopping use; 4) Have and be able to use a smartphone and agree to download and use the Affect app as part of treatment and study-related procedures; 5) Have a health insurance plan (or Medicaid) to ensure that participants have access to medical care if needed; 6) Be English speaking and have reading capacity sufficient to understand explanations of study procedures and the informed consent to participate; 7) Be able to freely give informed consent and be willing to electronically sign the digital informed consent to participate in the study; 8) Be willing to comply with study procedures, including use of the Affect app consistent with the study protocol and therapeutic activities.
    EXCLUSION CRITERIA Individuals will be precluded from enrolling in the study if they endorse (or if there is documentation of) any of the following conditions. Already enrolled participants will be withdrawn from study participation upon the emergence of any excluded condition (except pregnancy): 1)Serious medical diagnoses (e.g., seizure, stroke, other chronic condition); 2) Serious mental illness (e.g., schizophrenia, active suicidality); 3) Moderate- to severe-level opioid use disorder; 4) Pregnancy; 5) Be concurrently receiving other behavioral or pharmacological services for the treatment of an SUD; 6)Have pending legal action or other situation that could inhibit consistent participation in the study or in study activities. Additionally, if your application is not accepted or you choose not to participate after your questionnaire has been submitted, any information you provide will be destroyed.

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