Tech Support for Members

Common Questions

Member Orientation

An in depth orientation about our program.

App tour for new members

This quick video tour of Affect’s app shows all the main features.

How to enable meeting and appointment permissions

If you don’t enable your phone’s permission for phone, audio, and camera access, you won’t be able to join meetings. Check out the process to enable them here.

How to submit an in app support ticket to Operations

Do you need support with getting enrolled, appointment changes, tech support or any number of issues? Here is how to use our support ticketing system in the app.

How to upload your insurance cards into the Affect App

You can upload your insurance cards so we can gather your eligibility information and coverage.

How do I attend appointments through the app?

This quick video shows how to get through any technical issues and attend your appointments.

How to turn on Audio or Video during your in app Zoom meeting

This quick video shows how to turn on zoom audio and video if you enter a meeting and they can’t hear you or see you.

How to fix in app video issues (iPhone Specific)

If you are not able to get your video to work on iPhone, there might be an easy fix for this. Watch this video to find out more.

My audio on my appointment isn’t working. How do I dial into Zoom Audio?

How to check if notifications settings are on in the Affect App?

How do I set up my Android permissions settings to work with Affect?

How do I set up my Android notification settings to work with Affect?

How do I set up my iPhone notification settings to work with Affect?

How to enable iPhone permissions

How do I reset my Affect password?

How do I completely close apps on an Android or an iPhone?

How do I sign documents inside the Affect app?

Connecting the BACTrack “Mobile” breathalyzer to the Affect App

Connecting the “C8” BACTrack breathalyzer to the Affect App

Some members may have received the BACTrack C8 breathalyzer. This breathalyzer has an extra step of putting it into “app mode” in order to connect it to your phones Bluetooth. Watch this video if this is the device you have.

How do I take a test breathalyzer?

You might want to know your breathalyzer results after you eat or take medication. Our team might ask you to take a self test for troubleshooting purposes. This feature is available in the Affect App after you connect your breathalyzer device.

What comes with the breathalyzer and how do I charge it? (BacTrack Mobile)

What items will be in your new breathalyzer and how to use the micro usb charging cable.

How to change/update your password

Sometimes you just want to change your password, this is how.

How to change your phones font size

Sometimes the size of the font can affect how some apps are viewable, making it difficult to press things because they are off screen. This video shows how to adjust a phones font size for both iPhone and Android.

How to navigate the Affect calendar

Check out how to use the calendar in the app and learn about when you can confirm appointments.

What to expect from your random breathalyzer

This is a short video explaining what the app will look like when a random breathalyzer test is available.

Breathalyzer Notification Explainer

We have 4 different phone notifications regarding your breathalyzers. Here is a short video explaining what they mean.

Customize sound notifications on an Android

Make sure you don’t miss our essential notifications by customizing the sound alert on your Android phones.

Learn about our new Community chat!

Coming the week of Sept 18th, 2023, we will offer our active members a 24×7 community chat area. Check out the video below to learn more.

How to get meeting Zoom links so you can join from a different device.

If you ever want to join your Zoom meeting from a computer or tablet, you can easily get the Zoom link for your upcoming appointments and email them to yourself. This is a great option if you are having trouble with meetings on your phone. Watch the video to learn more!

How to use the add to calendar feature

If you would like to add extra appointment reminders for yourself, you can sync your Affect appointments to your personal calendar. Watch the video to learn how.

How to “un-confirm” appointments

If you confirm an appointment and later realize you can not attend, watch this video to learn how to “un-confirm” it in the app.